What type of dairy should I be consuming and how much red meat per week is recommended?

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The National Heart Foundation have recently announced new research and recommendations based on scientific evidence, released in August 2019.


There has always been high emphasis on limiting red meat consumption, however, the Heart Foundation have now released a numerical value. A limit of less than 350g per week is recommended for unprocessed beef, lamb, pork and veal. Processed and deli meats are also recommended to be limited, associated with a high risk of heart disease.

For heart-healthy eating, it is best to consume the majority of protein intake from plant-based sources. These include tofu, lentils and beans. Fish and seafood are also great options. 


The National Heart Foundation has removed the restriction of full-fat milk, cheese and yoghurt, based on limited evidence to support this restriction. Evidence is mostly mixed. Full-fat dairy products were found to have a neutral effect, where it does not increase, nor decrease the risk of heart related conditions. However, people who have high cholesterol or heart disease are recommended to consume reduced-fat dairy options, preferably unflavoured.


People with Type 2 Diabetes and high cholesterol are recommended to consume less than 7 eggs per week as evidence will suggest an increased risk of heart disease with consuming more eggs.

In order to promote good heart health, the National Heart Foundation recommends the consumption of more plant-based foods from whole grains, healthy proteins such as fish and seafood, vegetables, fruits and smaller amounts of animal-based foods, whilst minimising consumption of highly processed, energy-dense foods. Being smoke-free, limiting alcohol intake and doing at least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity on most days is also key to being heart healthy. 


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