8 Top Tips for Staying Active in Summer

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When the warmer weather is amongst us, it may be easier for a lot of people to stay active, given longer nights of daylight. However, in the heat, others may also be slightly put off too.


Here are 8 top tips to stay active this summer:


Catch up with a friend for a walk or walk the dog.

Being involved more with friends or walking the dog gives your fitness a purpose. It can be a lot more exciting and motivating to get active when you are being held accountable for a catch up or for keeping the dog fit and healthy.


Find a gym buddy.

Having a gym buddy is helpful as you can both motivate each other during times when you may rather skip a workout. Trust us, you’ll thank your friend for those days that they get you going, as most people feel great afterwards!


Park the car further away and use stairs instead of lifts/escalators to promote more incidental activity.

Something as simple as this can help keep you active without you doing too much to realise.


Choose activities that suit your lifestyle and needs.

Choosing ways to be active around your age and needs is crucial in ensuring you are staying active safely. Whether it be choosing times that suit around your work/life schedule can help with including activity that won’t end up as a burden every day to do.


Get active around the house (Housework, washing the dog and gardening are all physical activities that burn calories and help keep you fit).

Find any way around the house to keep moving and be active. Every bit counts.


Wear a fitness tracking device (watch) to hold you accountable.

These are great to help you check in with your activity levels and can be something to look forward to when your tracking device celebrates every 10,000 steps!


Involve the whole family in keeping fit (Arrange for outings that are physically active, such as walking the dog, rowing or hiking).

Extra bonding time with families can be a great way to also stay active and enjoy sunny weather together. It can be a whole lot easier to be active with people you love.


On hot days, ensure you exercise either in the morning before peak heat or in the evenings when the sun has gone down.

This is important as your body is at higher risk of heat stroke and dehydration if you exercise in peak heat. Always stay out of the sun when temperatures are high, as you may get sunburnt, heatstroke and feel fatigued and/or dehydrated.


Remember, always stay hydrated and speak to an Accredited Practising Dietitian for further tailored advice.



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