7 Reasons Why You Should Plan Your Meals

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#1. Save time
You may not realise it, but we often spend alot of time on our meals – deciding what to eat, grocery shopping, cooking and then cleaning after dinner.
By planning what you eat ahead of time, it means no last minute trips to the supermarket and having the advantage of utilizing leftovers for next day meals. there.

#2. Portion control
Planning your menu and preparing your meals ahead of time can help you manage your portion sizes at meal time.

#3. Reduce food wastage
Do you ever buy ingredients with hopes to cook with them, and they end up getting thrown out? Planning your menu helps you to only buy what you need for your meal plan, and then less food ends up in the bin at the end of the week.

#4. Reduce the stress of cooking
Planning dinners can be stressful for some, and particularly on weeknights when you are racing around during the day. Meal planning allows you look at those busy days, and consider cooking extras the day before you so you have some healthy leftovers to reheat and eat within 5minutes of getting home.

#5. Save money
Who doesn’t love to save money!? Meal planning means you can be more prepared, which will reduce the mindful impulse grocery purchases at the supermarket. It also means you may be eating less takeaways and eating out, as you have a plan of what you want to eat for the week.

#6. Avoid unhealthy options
When meals haven’t been planned, take away can be an appealing option as it is easy and convenient. But despite these beneficial aspects, many take away options can be high in fat and salt, which can sabotage your health goals. Time poor, hungry and tiredness can lead to poor food choices, so having a meal plan in action can keep you on track.

#7. Variety of foods
It is easy to full into the trap of eating the same meals over and over again. When you plan your meals, you can plan variety. You can ensure you are getting enough fruit intake your diet, you are getting vegetables in your meals, and having good variety of protein foods such as eggs, fish, red meat, fish, chicken, lentils.

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